ISO-Construct Presentation of project results in Graz

On 17.09.2015 the presentation of results of ISO-Constructs pilot phase took place at the Europa Hotel in Graz. The happening started with a presentation on „Certified quality in adult education“.

Following that ISO-Constructs most important milestones and results were presented to the audience. Thereafter the projectpartners presented their experiences gathered during the pilot phase. It became apparent that all partners encountered similar obstacles conducting their pilot certifications, but the overall results were throughout positive.

As last point of the agenda MMag. Wolfgang Denk of the national agency OeaD commented on the „Actual developments in visualisation of formal and nonformal qualifications and informal learning processes in the NQR“ Finally all Guests were invited to socialize accompanied by excellent catering.

For further use, all project results are publicly available for download on „Adam“-Database and on the Project homepage.
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Izvedba tega projekta je financirana s strani Evropske komisije.
Vsebina publikacije (komunikacije) je izključno odgovornost avtorja in v nobenem primeru ne predstavlja stališč Evropske komisije.